Wild Sounds

Wild Sounds

Wild Sounds ROOT is a new concept for a pop-up exposition of emerging talent, all educated by the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. We strive to not only…


Screens 2


Touch Screen has replaced me 4 copy

Touch Screen has replaced me

The keyboard is getting old and everything is going to be replaced with the touch screen. But the digital buttons remains in existence. As I framed the ‘J’…


Er is Leve na de dood

before you know it you’ve been there Virtual and reality, digital or physical, are they they fighting or are they belong together?  The rapid development in technology dominates…

Webcam Sticker3 copy

Webcam Cover Sticker

Free Culture Expo copy


All the ‘Free Culture’ projects are free to be reproduced, translate or adapted without mentioning the source FREE!? is organized by Kennisland, in cooperation with the Willem de…

leesplankje 2 copy

Binary Leesplankje

Ik zit op de computer

Ik zit op de computer

      I sit on the computer, 2013 from solangefrankort on Vimeo.

Werk aan de winkel

Werk aan de winkel

Work on the Shop is a project initiated by Koehorst Show and The Incredible Machine in collaboration with CrossLab, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University. Selected students WDKA…



In 2012, 96% of all Dutch between 12 and 75 years made ​​use of the Internet. The Netherlands counts 12.4 million Internet users. The Dutchman used internet on…



Technologization from solangefrankort on Vimeo.

scenesconnected2 copy

Copy Awareness

Internet Awareness is a project initiated by MAMA in collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy , Rotterdam University . Autonomous Fine Arts WdKA students working at Mama on…

art Seeks friends

Art Seeks Friends

Art Seeks Friends from solangefrankort on Vimeo.