Wild Sounds

ROOT is a new concept for a pop-up exposition of emerging talent, all educated by the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. We strive to not only find the right way of exhibiting works but also to assist students in finding their way in the business of arts and communication skills. Through collaborations, events and compositions of a diverse group of motivated creatives, we try to capture the vivid atmosphere of the academy from the outside.

During this exhibition, audio will be presented as installation. This audio system will test the nerves of the audience. Will it be an irritation, will be go unnoticed? The audio never stops, just like the digital sounds that envelope our day to day.
Like the sounds of mobile phones is an indispensable part of our society. The device gives us a lot of freedom and a continuous accessibility. But its use provides more and more irritation in public spaces. Can we propose a quiet space without this wild digital sounds?

The audio lasts 2 hours. Preview below.