Copy Awareness

Internet Awareness is a project initiated by MAMA in collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy , Rotterdam University . Autonomous Fine Arts WdKA students working at Mama on concepts , scenarios and prototypes about Internet Memes . Research is central. The starting point is MAMA’s policy themes is internet awareness . Key words that have come from the study were : author of charge , organic, editable , reproducible . We have talked about digital vs. memes . analog and memes have been thinking about possible platforms for memes . My research leads to copyright . The images of internet memes are ¬†plucked from the Internet and made ‘funny ‘ by means of a large impact text on it. Nowadays we can copy anything from the Internet without mention the source or maker. A maker creativity comes from copying what has already been done . Without copying , there would be no creative processes and nothing is new. But what do we do with the law from Copyright that already exist since 1912? Apply these rights still in our current society?

The audio lasts 2 hours. Preview below.

 Copyright Law from September 23, 1912