All the ‘Free Culture’ projects are free to be reproduced, translate or adapted without mentioning the source

FREE!? is organized by Kennisland, in cooperation with the Willem de Kooning Academy, the Piet Zwart Institute, WORM, 010 and Creating the New Institute. I participated in the 3-day workshop in WORM in WORM where in the results are also shown in an exhibition in The New Insitute.
I have chosen to edit a quote from Situationisten. To use, copy work, or changed without acknowledgement is something we cannot imagine in this time. I ask all the others groups they joint the workshop, to give their permission to accept the quote for all projects.
The concept free culture refers to all forms of cultural expressions that have been deliberately ‘freed’ by their legitimate authors from the limitations that current intellectual property law, such as copyright, impose on them. Free culture promotes the free distribution of works and tools to create the lowest threshold possible for the access and transformation of culture for an audience as broad as possible.

Free Culture Expo