The Limejuice Mystery

THE LIMEJUICE MYSTERY is a work in progress which concerns the aging and decay of a roll of nitrate film. After almost 80 years the film cannot function, because of its first stage in decay. It shows the research space where I investigates the unknown nitrate film, the struggle with the material, and its danger from 1940 until today. I gather different elements together that display how I work and engage with the material: the nitrate film that I found second hand; a vitrine with all the research material including Polaroids that I shot throughout the process (they represent a unique moment which I have limited control over); a documenta­tion of the decay of the film; a documentation of the content of the nitrate film THE LIMEJUICE MYSTERY, a parody of a Sherlock Holmes story made in 1930; a documentation of the online version of the film; printed decay fragments on Plexiglas that form a landscape.

Go to Fuzzy LogicV2_ Institute For The Unstable Media Rotterdam, Graduationshow Piet Zwart Institute, Media, Design and Communication program to see the final work. Video documentation is coming soon. Below you will find a sneakpreview of the three videos, the story and the Polaroids.