The Uncreative Method

The UNCREATIVE METHOD is a tool which I made during my MA at Piet Zwart Institute. It’s a method that I always used in my own practices, but now translated in text and visuals. As a fine art artist, you are working a lot with your intuition and emotions. To translate these choices to a tool, can really be helpful to make clear decisions. This way I’m more conscious of my way of working and reproducing artworks. It’s a method that you can use anywhere, anytime, any with any objects or topics.

This is how it works; you always have a start and you have your ingredients,-copy,-combine,transform,-translate,-create something different,-destroy,-reverse. There is no linear order, just pick an ingredient and embed with your start. And if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to? Try another ingredient, where you can use the result of your first experiment as a start. Try all the ingredients to see all the different ways of producing work. Did you miss an ingredient? Then just create one, because this method is never complete.

I give workshops and guest lectures in the UNCREATIVE METHOD, at specially at art school such as Willem de Kooning for research and methodology classes. Process goes often intuitive and instinctive, but what if we take a specific method and you must stick with it? What if you are aware of the methodologies during your practice, are you also going consciously to work? Make yourself familiar with different methods, that can apply in various fields such as; media, objects or concepts. Develop a tool to gain insight your own process.

For more informatie go to UNCREATIVE METHOD.