Touch Screen has Replaced Me

My first mobile phone was with a keyboard, nowadays all the mobile phones have a touch screen. Touch Screen has Replaced Me is a project that marks the historical shift from keyboards to touch screen devices. In this project, I want it to give the keys of a keyboard a nostalgic feel, a history, a memorable piece. By framing the keys you get the feeling you have already lost them. As you might lose the Walkman or Floppy disk, you are going to lose the keyboard someday; I anticipate what’s going to happen.

The function of the key is to type in certain characters what appears on the screen. By plugging the cable comes out of the frame into you digital device, you will see the key you’ve chosen. For example, the frame with the ‘J’ key shows you the ‘J’ on a text file. The digital ‘J’ will continue to exist, but not the ‘J’ –key.
Touch Screen has replaced me 4