Werk aan de winkel

Work on the Shop is a project initiated by Koehorst Show and The Incredible Machine in collaboration with CrossLab, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University. Selected students WDKA Dek22 working on concepts, scenarios and prototypes about The Shop of the Future. I the re-wrote the terms and conditions from the zalado.nl (an online shop). A large and mundane list of rules and restrictions will be consistently overlooked in a web format.The final step was to let the text speak in harsh tone by a computer voice that thundered through space and urging shoppers to give up his rights. In the course of the centuries stores have the atmosphere of our inner cities and states made of people shopping hobby number one. But the shop ‘as we know it does not seem to the lives we lead. I connect the virtual and physical world to create a new retail experience.

The audio lasts 2 hours. Preview below.

Terms and Conditions