Zoology Illustration

What is an encyclopedia? What are media? What is an object? This work was developed in a ‘Thematic Seminar’ run in the summer trimester 2015 taught by Florian Cramer during Piet Zwart Institute Media Design Masters programme.

Creating disappearance of an object/image, by showing my own categorization (like Borges) with (hard to classified) existing, non- existing and fantasy animal illustrations. By showing this with a slide projector creates an zoology class in the old-days. You will not know what’s real or not, you enter my little fantasy world. The Guide shows you the classification of alive, extinct and fiction with a short description of the animal. The text involved also a combination of factional and fiction. This all together with a audio voice telling you this descriptions and when you have to go to the next slide, makes my installation of Zoology Illustration completed.